Day Patients

The Ulster Independent Clinic offers several procedures without the need for an overnight stay.

We have created a dedicated Day Procedure Unit where we carry out a wide variety of minor surgery and other clinical procedures without requiring an overnight stay.

The Day Procedure Unit is open between 8.00am and 7.00pm. The time of admission and discharge is determined by the scheduling of the procedure in Theatre and the appropriate recovery time. If you are having a general anaesthetic we like to observe you post-procedure for at least 4 hours.

Preparing for Admission

What to bring with you:

  • Any medicine and/or inhalers that you usually take – please remember to bring these in their original packaging as supplied by your chemist
  • Something to read
  • X-rays or scans relevant to your admission
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing
  • You are requested not to bring jewellery or other valuabes with you

Before you come to the clinic for a procedure you will receive a letter from the consultant with instructions about what you can eat or drink beforehand.

If you become unwell before your admission with an unrelated illness such as a flu, a cold, chest infection, urinary tract infection, diarrhoea or vomiting please contact the clinic as soon as possible as it may be necessary to cancel or postpone your admission until you feel better.

Prior to your operation you will need to remove any make-up and nail varnish, it may also be necessary to remove false nails for some procedures, you should clarify this with a member of the clinic nursing team.


Written consent is required for an anaesthetic, surgical or specialized examination.  You should make sure that you fully understand what is going to happen to you. Minors (under 16) should be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be required to sign the consent form.


Certain procedures will require you to fast before coming to the clinic. Your admission letter will have details regarding your fasting instructions.

Your Stay

Patients and visitors should enter the Ulster Independent Clinic by the Main Entrance. The receptionist will greet you and check your details. If necessary you will be directed to the Accounts Department to complete the financial arrangements for your treatment. Once the administration process is complete, a member of the ward team will accompany you to your private room where you can settle in.

Rooms & Facilities

Our private bedrooms are designed to ensure that you can recover in a comfortable, restful environment. Each room has an en-suite bathroom with walk in shower. The nurse call system enables you to call a nurse at anytime.

All rooms have satellite television provided at no extra charge

Free WiFi is available in all patient rooms

Smoking is not permitted in the clinic. If you are a smoker, please speak to the Ward sister.

We will happily arrange for delivery of your choice of daily newspaper directly to your room

Keep in touch with family and friends by using the telephone provided in your room. Every patient receives complimentary call credits, any additional units used will charged to your account.

Patients or visitors in the clinic must not use mobile phones


Once your procedure is complete, you will be able to rest and relax in your comfortable private room.  Your consultant will decide when you are able to go home after your procedure. It is important that you arrange to get someone to accompany you as it is strongly advised that you do not to drive yourself home. If your procedure involves sedation or general anesthetic you should have a light meal before leaving the Clinic and you must have a responsible adult to stay with you at home for 24 hours after the procedure.

You will be given the following before you leave the clinic.

  • Take home pack of prescribed medication.
  • Any medication that you brought with you to hospital.
  • Written advice on your continued recovery.
  • Letter for your GP.
  • Mobility aids (crutches etc) will be loaned to you (a refundable deposit is required).

After Discharge

Day patients do not have an overnight stay in the Clinic but it is important that, if you have had a day procedure, you follow this simple advice to make sure you recover comfortably and safely at home.

  • Rest quietly in a relaxing environment with easy access to telephone and bathroom.
  • Do not return to work that day.
  • You may feel drowsy and have some discomfort.
  • General anesthetics can make you feel dizzy and nauseous.
  • Follow these guidelines for 24 hours after a general anesthetic:
    - Do not Drive
    - Do not work machinery
    - Do not do anything requiring skill or judgement
    - Do not make important decisions
    - Do not consume alcohol
    - Do not take sleeping tablets

If you have any immediate concerns after discharge please call the Ulster Independent Clinic and speak to the Nurse in Charge who will contact your consultant if required. Tel: 028 9066 1212

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